High Grade Beverage distributor of wholesale beer, kegs, Anheuser-Busch products such as budweiser in South Brunswick, NJ.


South Brunswick, NJ: 732-821-7600 Randolph, NJ: 973-927-1400


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Beer-Craft Specialty

High Grade Beverage carries a large variety of domestic and imported beers from mainstream to local craft to unique beverage offerings. All our products can be found in your favorite liquor store, bar, or restaurant. Check out our full portfolio of great products below.


High Grade Beverage is more than just beer. We distribute a fine line of spirit products from some of the nation's largest spirit manufacturers as well as local craft distilleries. Check out our selection of vodkas, tequilas, bourbons, and all your favorites.

Flavored Alcohols

At High Grade Beverage we take pride in our diversity and extensive portfolio. Our flavored alcohol products include many of the top-selling seltzers, hard teas, and lemonades, ciders, etc. Read more to see all we have to offer.


High Grade Beverage carries wines from across the country as well as around the world. Offering our retailers wines from many regions and varietals for every pallet. Check out our unique offerings below.


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High Grade Beverage History

High Grade Beverage was originally founded by Nicholas DeMarco and Harry “Butch” Levine in 1940. They began by distributing Rupert Knickerbocker beer to taverns and retailers in Middlesex and Somerset Counties in New Jersey.


CEO: Joseph DeMarco

Since 1940

High Grade Beverage (HGB) is a franchised wholesale beverage distributor.

Beverages and Products

We carry all AB-InBev, Heineken USA, and LaBatt USA beverages. We also distribute a large selection of soft drinks including Briar’s USA birch, sarsaparilla, and specialty flavors, iced teas, waters and sports drinks.


Distribution is limited to wholesale customers with liquor licenses in the assigned territories.


Clients include package stores, restaurants, taverns ,bars, pubs, among other places of business. High Grade Beverage does not sell directly to the public.


HGB is totally committed to offering superior service and quality to our customers. We have been nationally recognized for outstanding performance as an Anheuser-Busch Wholesaler with the Silver - Dimensions of Excellence Award and the Golden "Ambassador" Award, the highest accolade Anheuser-Busch may bestow upon a wholesaler, for outstanding accomplishments in sales, management and warehousing.


Facilities Have

High Grade Beverage (HGB) is a franchised wholesale beverage distributor of malt beverages, wine, spirits and soft drinks. HGB sells and services retailers in 7+ counties.

  • State of the art” equipment and warehousing
  • Computerized refrigerated warehouses year round (a.k.a. controlled environmental warehouses)
  • Specific warehouse temperatures to insure product quality, freshness and integrity

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High Grade Beverage is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on race, color, religion, age, sex, or national origin.


We do not post open jobs on-line. We do, however, keep an active list of open positions. Resumes and applications are retained for three months, in case a position for which you are suited becomes available.


We continually update job postings on-line. Click below for an active list of open positions. Resumes and applications are retained for three months in case a position for which you are suited becomes available.

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